How to Repair Pedestal Fan?

A pedestal fan is used for cooling as well as for fresh air. You can use it as a supplementary source of air. As a fan is an electronic device there are many chances of problems in it. When a pedestal fan stops working, what will you do? How to repair pedestal fan? What types of fault may come in a fan and how to fix.

In this article, I’m going to discuss some steps that will help you troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix your fan.

You should check for any problems that may arise. Make sure the plug is inputted in the right way. Check for damage in the cord; also, make sure there is no burning smell. If there is a smell, it may be coming from the fan’s motor.

How to Repair Pedestal Fan?

Here are some steps for troubleshooting the fan if your motor is not burnt or blown:

Things you may need to fix the fan:

It depends upon the problem that has been analyzed in the fan and what elements or tools you may need to fix the fan. Here I’m mentioning some of them.

  • New fuse if the existing one is burned.
  • New cord if the existing one is damaged
  • New power outlet if there is a problem in the already installed
  • Screwdriver
  • A small hammer
  • Lubricants for the gears

How to Repair Pedestal Fan?

Step 1: Make sure it’s plugged in

Sometimes it happens that our device is not properly plugged in. We consider that there may be any fault it the device. So first of all double check that your fan is properly plugged in.

Step 2: Check your circuit breaker

Sometimes it happens that due to some reason our circuit breaker gets tripped. It doesn’t pass the current for the proper working of the connected device. Check your panel and analyze it if there is any fault with it.

If the breaker is tripped, you should investigate why it has happened. What can be the reason for it? Make sure that your circuit is not short circuit and also make sure that you are not overloading the circuit.

Step 3: Confirm the receiving power

By applying the above steps, check if the problem is solved. If your problem is not solved use another electrical device to check the current in the circuit. If it doesn’t work, then you may have an electrical problem.

Step 4: Check the fuse: How to Repair Pedestal Fan?

There comes a thermal fuse in many fans. Check for the problem in the fuse. If there is any problem in the fuse, it can be replaced depending on the wattage or the capacity of the fuse.

Step 5: Replace the cord: How to Repair Pedestal Fan?

Examine the entire length of the cord. There may be damage in the cord. May be any pet have chewed on it or may be the plug is not connected properly with the wire.

You can change the whole cord instead of changing the fan if you identify any problems in the cord. It is very simple to change the cord. Just screw the patches of fan with the help of a screwdriver and change it accordingly.

Step 6: Grease the motor: How to Repair Pedestal Fan?

If the motor of the fan is working but the blades of the fan are not turning, then there grease may be stuck. Grease the fan properly. By applying lubricants to the fan it will start moving the fan blades.

Step 7: Clean the fan: How to Repair Pedestal Fan?

Use vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles from the fan blades and grills. Make sure to pay attention on the connection of the motor bearings.

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If your pedestal fan is not working, there is a simple & inexpensive fix for your trouble. Just follow the above-discussed steps and try to repair your pedestal fan. I hope that by reading the above article, your problems will be solved. If not, you may contact an expert. Stay cool.

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